Intramural season is here

by Taylor Fraze

Intramural basketball began this past week, giving non-student-athletes an opportunity to participate in competitive sports. 

Basketball is split into men’s competitive, women’s competitive, and co-rec teams with more than 10 teams participating in each section. This is a rise in popularity from last season where there were far fewer teams registered. Teams can consist of clubs, fraternities, sororities, or even just a group of friends. 

“It is an opportunity like no other,” said Kiefer Quick, the Coordinator of Competitive Sports. “It allows for competition as well as fun. You can meet new people that can become your lifelong friends.” 

Each team plays two games a week and is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs after the regular season is over. The season is played from January 23 to February 16. 

The Christian Student Center played Jan. 25 against a team composed of friends that call themselves “Queso Blanco.”   

Queso Blanco won their intramural game by 20 points and currently sit at 2-0.

“This is a fun experience to be a part of,” said Hudson Walker, a sophomore Sport Management major from Montgomery, Alabama. 

“The referees let fun happen and allow us to joke around while playing,” Walker added. “It is a place for me to participate in sports while not being a college athlete.” 

Intramural sports have two major sport seasons per semester while also having weekend tournaments for less popular sports. Indoor soccer registration begins Jan. 30 with that season lasting a week in March. 

The next major intramural season will be softball from March 27 through April 13. 

Students can watch intramural basketball games at the Fitness and Wellness Center or Elm Street Gym. 

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