ISCO elects 2017-18 officers


Pratikshya Joshi
Staff Writer
Troy University’s International Students Cultural Organization (ISCO) has elected officers for its executive positions for the 2017-2018 year. The organization has a new president, vice president, chair of administration, treasurer, chair of publicity and chair of activities. It will elect a new web manager later this week.
ISCO is a cultural organization that provides a platform for international and American students to learn more about each other’s cultures and build friendships. They meet every other Thursday for a “country night,” where a group of students of a certain nationality present about their country and culture.
Joe McCall, a senior history lecturer, has been ISCO’s adviser for six years.
“What has changed a lot in these six years is that there are more American students that are involved, and I am pleased with that because our goal was to help ISCO serve as an umbrella organization to all international students but also to bring them together with American students,” McCall said. “At Troy, we are fortunate to have people from so many countries.”
Caroline Hughes, a junior English language arts education major from Decatur, is the president of ISCO this year. Hughes was vice president last year.
“Through ISCO, I would like to achieve more awareness of diversity that we have on campus and cross the bridge between international and American community,” Hughes said.
Anh Nguyen, a junior accounting major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is the current vice president.
“When I think about ISCO, I think about an opportunity for people from different cultures to share their experience, and I really hope that through ISCO, international students can speak about what matters to them and have their voices be heard,” Nguyen said.
Lydia Gilmer, a sophomore English major from Chelsea, is the chair of administration. Her responsibilities include networking and getting ISCO to work with other organizations on campus.
“I hope that ISCO makes more of a statement on campus,” Gilmer said. “I want ISCO to be a place where everybody wants to get involved.”
The new chair of activities for this year, Deanne Meredith, a sophomore nursing major from Melbrooke, is responsible for planning events and activities and deciding on time, food and other things for the events.
“I hope that ISCO will grow more, that we will keep having new members and growing friendships,” Meredith said.
Matthew Knopps, a sophomore accounting major from Pell City, is the current financial officer for ISCO. He is responsible for managing finances, fundraising and collecting dues.
“I want to fundraise this big event that we are planning,” Knopps said. “We are going to take a lot of international students to the Alabama Shakespeare theater and get them to experience American plays by American writers.”
Sung Shin, a senior economics major from Pusan, South Korea, is the secretary for ISCO this year.
“Since I got in college, it was always a pleasure for me to help and work with students from different cultures and countries,” Shin said. “So, involving in ISCO is great opportunity for me. I want to contribute more regarding identities of international students in Troy and unity of international students and domestic students.”
Gertrude Kumi, a junior psychology major from Accra, Ghana, and the chair of publicity, is responsible for distributing fliers and posters around campus, making chalk signs on sidewalks and informing people about events.
“I am hoping to keep people with ISCO,” Kumi said. “As the semester goes along, people start not coming, probably because they are so busy at school.
“But even with the business, I am hoping that ISCO will be the top option for them when they want to relieve stress and have fun.”

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