ISCO showcases Greek life for international students

by Mackenzie Foster

The International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) gave international students the opportunity to learn about Troy University’s well-known Greek organizations. 

ISCO is known for talking about a physical place and the culture behind it, but at its weekly meeting last Thursday, organizers decided to switch up the topic a little bit. 

With football festivities about to begin on campus, ISCO felt it was important for international students to learn about organizations that have a big presence on campus.  

“Culture is culture, whether you’re talking about a group, or a country, or a people group,” said Alayna Pody, a senior social science major and ISCO President. 

Representatives from multiple fraternities and sororities came to speak about their personal experiences with being in Greek life. The weekly ISCO meeting gave the Greek representatives the opportunity to tell international students that they would be able to find a spot in a sorority or fraternity, no matter their cultural background. 

“I guarantee you there’s so many walks of life in our Greek life here on campus, you will be able to find your niche and your spot,” said Christian Delburn, a junior exercise science major and vice president of the Troy Interfraternity Council. 

The representatives all agreed that it was important to explain that Greek life is more than just the letters that comes with the organization, and emphasize the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that comes from being involved in such an organization. 

“They don’t really know what it is about, or what we stand for, and what we hold true in our values, and so I think it was really important to come and talk to them and just let them know more about us and our activities,” said Frankie Fontana, a junior nursing major and the vice president of administration and finance for the Troy Panhellenic Council.

ISCO’s next event will be the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon festival, a traditional holiday in Asian countries, this Thursday. 

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