ISCO Unites Trojans

International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) is sharing the cultures of its members by implementing themed nights focusing on the uniqueness of different countries.

ISCO’s main goal is to act as a connection between students of diverse cultures and nationalities. The organization uses its time to participate in events and hold meetings that support knowledge of other country’s cultures.

“I hope to promote the sense of diversity on campus and to encourage Trojans to go out into the world and truly explore the beauty of different cultures, which most of the times are underrated or contaminated with stereotypes,”  President Mai Tran said, a sophomore biology major from Vietnam.

“All together, the purpose of these meetings, as well as the purpose of the club, is to promote better understanding of cultural diversity at Troy University. We have got a lot of positive feedback on how we are trying to accomplish this goal,” Co-Vice President Ngoc Vo said, a freshman communication major from Vietnam.

The group incorporates games and activities at the weekly meetings in order to achieve its purpose, for example live music, traditional games, presentations and food. ISCO also interacts in other events outside the organization by being involved. “This semester we are planning several trips:  Rattle Snake Rodeo Field trip, International Food Festival and some other activities,” Co-Vice President of Administration, Tatiana Lerner said, a junior international business major from Russia.

ISCO meetings are held in room 119 of the Trojan Center on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

Meetings are open for any students who wish to participate, and for those who wish to join may come to the meeting and pay a $15 due to the treasurer.

“It’s a great place to interact with other students and gain a perspective on cultures other than our own,” said Secretary Grishma Rimal a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism from Nepal.


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