It is the best time to be a journalist

Pradyot Sharma


Any organization with a life of its own evolves with time and is shaped by the people that are a part of it. The Tropolitan has done just that transitioning from being a print only newspaper to one with an increasing online presence. 

Additionally, in light of the increasing hostility against news media, there has been dynamic growth in our approach and understanding of being a voice for students, while training to be a voice for the people. 

In spite of these challenges, I have been reminded time and again, that there has never been a better time to be a journalist. This was a sentiment echoed by Micah Grimes, the head of Social Media for NBC and MSNBC news and a Troy alum, who spoke at our annual journalism symposium last semester. 

The same belief is held by the New York Times editorial leadership, a paper that has been attacked constantly for its coverage of the White House.  

There is a reason for this positivity. While the atmosphere may seem hostile, and jobs in the industry are scarce, there are more avenues to publish the news now than ever. 

This has led to innovations in the newspaper industry where major names are now using graphic designers and programmers to enhance news consumption experiences for their audience. 

At the Tropolitan, we are working to find innovative ways to serve our readers throughout the year.

This last year has brought some big changes for the Tropolitan. We have a new adviser, refurbished offices, and improved mediums to put out information for students. 

Our two constants through all of this has been our purpose and our commitment to the student body we serve. We aim to bring truth to Troy’s community and be your voice using the tools of journalism that are at our disposal. 

Armed with our purpose, and keeping our readers in mind, we are engaging in dynamic changes in the process of delivering news. 

This year, we aim to be an online first news publication that aims to be first and right on information relevant to Troy. 

We will also be integrating video content in our online publications to bring a better experience for students. 

We will continue to be your voice and we ask that you contact us via email or social media to voice your concerns either through story tips or letters to the editor. 

And if you are inspired to join our ranks and start your journey in journalism don’t hesitate to come join us. Journalists are needed now more than ever, and you could serve that purpose.

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