IT Society offers professional opportunities

Mary Ferrell

Troy University’s Information Technology Society, or IT Society, was founded in 2009 with the help of Mary Joann Rouse, and it has many opportunities for students, whether they major in information systems or computer science or they need help understanding computers.
Alex Chance, a senior information systems major from Sylacauga, is the vice president of program affairs of the IT Society.
“The majority of members are IS or CS majors, but we are open to all majors and basically anyone who is interested in the IT world,” Chance said.
Just like the university, the IT Society is diverse. Chance said that members come from all over the world, and that there is an even mix of female and male members.
The IT Society’s primary focus is on expanding professional networks; it hopes to appeal to anyone.
The society tours several local businesses, such as the Troy Regional Medical Center. It also takes trips to Birmingham and Montgomery to expose its members to different companies that may employ them in the future.
The society helps members broaden their networking possibilities through LinkedIn, a social networking site that serves the business world. Through networking, the society is able to place members into internships with companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.
The society also goes to tech mixers, where several IT companies are represented.
“All this is to help members get a job, expand their networks and improve their skills,” Chance said.
Students who are not interested in the IT world can still benefit from the IT Society.
The society holds “PC boot camps” that are open to anyone who wants to improve his or her basic computer skills.
The IT Society is
attempting to reformat its meetings to appeal to members and potential members.
“This year we are trying not to have boring meetings,” Chance said. “We try to have some type of event each time we meet, such as a guest speaker, seminar or workshop.”
There are several opportunities this month for interested students, including a tour of Smart Industries in Luverne on Oct. 10 and a tour of more companies in Dothan on Oct. 14. More companies will be toured later in the year.
For more information about the IT Society, email or search “Troy University Information Technology Society” on Facebook.

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