Ivey is now a trustee


Tori Bedsole


Kay Ivey was sworn into office as the 54th governor of Alabama on Monday after Robert Bentley resigned following his arrest in Montgomery.

Ivey will become the president ex-officio (by one’s position) of the Troy University Board of Trustees. She will also hold this position for other universities in the state.

“I have decided it is time for me to step down as governor,” Bentley said during his resignation speech. “I’ve not always made the right choices; I’ve not always said the right things.

“Though I have sometimes failed, I’ve always tried to live up to the high expectations the people place on the person who holds this esteemed office.”

Bentley was processed on two campaign and ethics charges, according to a booking log on the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office website. His bail was set at $300 per count for each of the two charges.

The charges stemmed from an investigation into the allegations that he covered up an affair with former aide Rebekah Mason.

Bentley signed a plea deal before stepping down from his position on Monday. The details of the plea deal include Bentley’s resignation and a ban on his running for public office again, 100 hours of community service and waiver of any retirement to which he may have been entitled. He will not face jail time.

Gov. Ivey is the first female Republican governor for the state and second female to ever fulfill this position.

She has served as lieutenant governor since her election in 2010 and re-election in 2014. She also served as state treasurer for two terms.

“The Ivey administration will be open, it will be transparent and it will be honest,” Ivey said during her swearing in at the State Capitol.

According to a story on al.com, the statement “drew loud applause and cheers.”

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