J-school donates broadcast tools to BTW Magnet

Abby Taylor

Assistant News Editor

After a fire destroyed Booker T. Washington (BTW) Magnet High School’s broadcast department, Troy University’s Broadcast and Digital Network donated equipment to the BTW broadcast department and will allow the students to come to Journalism Day for free.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, BTW lost a building that “housed the visual art, photography, broadcast media and technology magnet programs as well as the library, cafeteria and counselor’s offices.”

“When we (the journalism school) heard that (the fire) happened, we wanted to donate,” said Aaron Taylor, the television production coordinator.

“If you want to be a broadcaster, you need to have the equipment in your hands, so if we can get equipment in the hands of young people who want to learn broadcasting, that could set them on the path that may make them a professional broadcaster someday,” Taylor said.

The equipment included five cameras, a deck, camera batteries and charging stations, camera lights, camera bags, an editor and an audio board.

“The equipment we gave them is equipment that was used by students here, but it’s no longer being used by us now,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the cameras donated to BTW are in good condition and three out of five of the cameras have the ability to film in high definition.

“A few years ago, we upgraded everything in our facility to high-definition digital editors,” Taylor said. “As a result, we had to get new cameras that would work with those editors.”According to Taylor, BTW students were given equipment that will help advance their broadcast department.

“We gave them the building blocks to rebuild their program,” Taylor said. “I mean, we know here how important it is as an educational broadcast program to have equipment in the hands of students for them to learn because that’s what we do here.”

Robbyn Taylor, a lecturer of journalism and communication, who is helping coordinate Journalism Day (J-Day), said BTW students will not have to pay to attend.

“Don’t send (money), don’t pay, just come and let us take care of you for a little while,” Robbyn Taylor said in regard to BTW students attending the event.

J-Day will be held here Sept. 27 and is for high school students interested in journalism. Students will attend workshops led by speakers in the journalism field.

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