Janoska Ensemble begins U.S. tour in Troy

Lacey Alexander

Staff Writer

A Vienna-based musical ensemble will start its U.S. tour with a concert in Troy on Friday.

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the Troy Arts Council will be hosting The Janoska Ensemble, which consists of three brothers and their brother-in-law.

Ondrej and Roman Janoska each play violin, Frantisk Janoska plays piano and Julius Darvas plays the double bass.

The Janoska Ensemble describes its genre as “classical music with a twist,” with its website stating that the music draws from the genres of classical, jazz, pop, tango and Latin.

John Jinright, a member of the Troy Arts Council and professor of music at Troy University, said that the “twist” was that the ensemble improvises its music.

“They improvise—a skill that used to be a part of classical music, but now exists largely in the jazz world,” Jinright said. “Every concert is different and spontaneous.”

Jinright also said the ensemble was entertaining to audiences outside of playing music.

“They have a great sense of humor,” Jinright said. “Expect to hear something unexpected and fun.”

The ensemble will perform in Florida, Arkansas, Texas and Utah before returning to Vienna on March 31 but will perform in Troy for its first performance of the tour.

“It’s an internationally renowned group,” said Joel Williams, president of the Troy Arts Council. “I am pumped. I’m big into chamber music. I feel fortunate to get someone like that into Troy.”

The night prior to the Janoska Ensemble’s performance, the TAC will be hosting the Orff ensemble from Troy Elementary School and the Percussion Ensemble from the university. These two groups will perform at the Emporium, 112 W. Walnut St., at 6 p.m., and anyone in attendance will receive a free ticket to the Janoska Ensemble performance.

Williams said that the all-elementary student Orff Ensemble was in high demand and a hit with parents.

“So many people tell me that they’re just incredible,” Williams said. “They’re entertaining and talented and fun.”

Williams said the ensemble was “unregulated and unconstructed.”

“They all have funny instruments,” Williams said. “One student starts and the others chime in and they make a song that way.”

The Janoska Ensemble concert will be in the Claudia Crosby Theater at 7 p.m. General admission is $20, and student admission is $5.

Anyone interested in volunteering or hearing more information about TAC can contact John Jinright by email at jjinrig@troy.edu.

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