JCPenney’s Suit Up event is virtual this year

Oluwaseun Omotayo

Staff Writer 

Troy University’s annual JCPenney Suit Up event will be held virtually this year and students can take advantage of the discount until Friday. 

An in-person shopping evening is usually held at a nearby story before the all-majors career fair in order to provide an opportunity for students to build their professional wardrobe, but a virtual option was provided this year with safety in mind. 

Students can text the code “TROYU” to 67292 to participate. This registration will ensure that they receive a 30% discount on career apparel and accessories. 

Internships are an essential aspect of life in college as they help students get ready for life after graduation. Therefore, students must have a wardrobe prepared for interviews and formal occasions. 

Caleb Oke, a senior computer science major from Lagos, Nigeria, said he thinks students should “dress how you would like to be addressed.” 

“Dressing for an interview helps you make a good first impression, and you will not get a second or third shot at it,” Oke said.

Dressing is a major component for any interview, and the Suit Up event has a goal to provide appropriate clothing at a reduced price for all students. 

“The first impression sticks like Gorilla Glue, and it is hard to change a bad first impression,” said Jonathan Taylor, a junior computer science major from Birmingham, Alabama. 

“The discount would allow students who are making ends meet financially at school even the burden of such a vital aspect of the interview process,” Taylor concluded.

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