Kali Uchis unreleased album sneak peek: New songs released 

by Jaelanne Thomas 

Kali Uchis, a Colombian-American singer and song writer, released two new songs “Moonlight” and “ I Wish you Roses.”  These songs come from her unreleased album called “Red Moon in Venus.” 

“I Wish You Roses” can be interpreted about forgiveness and letting go of the past. It’s about embracing the past for what it is and walking with grace, moving forward with the future. 

The recent release “Moonlight” is about two lovers basking in the moonlight while enjoying each other’s company. It gives off an ’80’s vibe with Uchis’s angelic raspy voice.

What I was able to speculate from the album was that it will be based on the healing and spiritually aspect of life. 

I’ve also noticed from her music that she tends to mix her Columbian roots with her English lyrics, which blend perfectly with her music. 

Her new album is not able to be heard in Apple music, but I was able to see the name of the songs and people that she will be collaborating with; few of the artists she will be working with include Summer Walker, Don Toliver and Omar Apollo. 

What I really hope to see in the new album is a wide range of aspect of the healing process of the dating world and sensuality that Kali Uchis’s brings to the table.

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