Language and culture at your doorstep

Pradyot Sharma

Staff Writer

Troy University is home to students from about 75 different nations and is appropriately labeled the international university of Alabama.

It offers various language courses under the department of languages and classics. Working along with the faculty and students in this department are various clubs that help promote the languages and cultures of the countries they represent.

Two of the largest language clubs at Troy are the Spanish and French clubs. These clubs, through various events, have been educating the Troy student body outside of the classroom while having some fun along the way.

“The French Club at Troy is devoted to helping students learn more about the French language and experience French culture, while also letting them meet other people with an interest in the language,” said the club’s president, Faith Rosenwald, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

“One nice thing about the club is you do not need to know French to be a part it.  Last semester, among other things, we hosted a French-themed holiday party right before Christmas that was open to all students. We served French food and had French music and French-themed games.”

The French club will host an interest meeting this week for new members and to plan activities for the upcoming semester.

“The French Club is a great way to not only get involved on campus but also to have fun,” said Shannon Nisi, sophomore risk management insurance major from Orlando, Florida. “We have had many events, including movie viewings, a Christmas party and bingo nights.”

Among the foreign languages studied at Troy, Spanish is the most predominant. The Spanish Club has catered to students interested in the language through their events.

“Our purpose is to bring together people who share a common interest for the various aspects of the Spanish-speaking culture and language,” said the club’s secretary, Chekaylah Bradley, a junior graphic design and Spanish major from Montgomery.

Every year, the Spanish Club celebrates Dias de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

“The Spanish Club is very resourceful as far as helping students be aware of events related to the Spanish language and culture,” said Kayla Elliott, a junior Spanish and business double major from Decatur.

The club will also be organizing a Valentine’s Day event where members will share common Spanish love phrases while raffling off a Valentine’s Day gift.

While not a language club, the Confucius Institute at Troy has been working to promote “knowledge of China that will serve in the areas of business, education, cultural and public interests throughout the state of Alabama,” according to its website.

Among other things, it works toward teaching the Chinese language, as well as aspects of Chinese culture. This semester it is offering lessons in the Chinese language along with lessons in Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art.

The Spanish Club meets at 4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month in Wright 212, while the French Club meets at 4 p.m. every other Thursday in Patterson 202. The Confucius Institute can be contacted at

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