Letter to the editor: A ‘Bark Park’ for the city of Troy

Leandro Suero


I’m writing to express my wish for the city of Troy to have a dog park and, therefore, become more pet-friendly. I moved to Troy in July 2014, and I have realized that the city lacks the pet friendliness that other cities in the state have.

I am a dog owner, and just like many other dog owners, I consider my pet an important part of my family. I care about his health, and I want him to be active and interact with other dogs as well. Sadly, there is no place in Troy where dogs can meet and play together.

Every time I can, I take him to the Bark Park in Montgomery, a no-leash enclosed park dedicated to dogs’ exercise and enjoyment. However, being a full-time student makes this trip rather difficult and expensive.

I have loved Troy from the moment I moved here, and it has everything I need, but I would also like it to have everything my dog needs. I would like to think that I’m not the only dog owner concerned with this matter.

Having a dog park where my pet can play and socialize with other dogs would be a needed addition to Troy that many residents would enjoy.

I urge dog owners to write to the city of Troy and let them know if you, just like me, desire to have a dog park for our pets to enjoy. I truly feel it is possible to have a more pet-friendly city.

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