Letter to the Editor: Alumnus urges fellow Trojans to practice acceptance, forgiveness



Dear Editor:

The moral authority of Christian dominance in America is dying and in order to continue to thrive Christians must be willing to adapt their strategy.
While the inevitability of homosexual marriage, marijuana legalization and continued enforcement of separation of church and state loom and restrict the moral influence of Christians on American laws, we are still fiercely equipped with the armor of God in order to fight back.
Jesus continually preached about love, acceptance and forgiveness while leaving the judgment of the hearts of men to God. This makes it clear that the best weapon at our disposal is the example of our own lives.
With every breath we take it should be clear that our lives are different and we have been set apart by God and are living joyful lives for him. By no means am I asking or implying for you all to endorse the lifestyle of homosexuality, drug use or over enforcement of separation of church and state but do not exhibit hatred toward those who have made those choices.
All sin is black in the perfect eyes of God, from that little white lie you told last week to the rape and murder committed by the convicted criminals who live in our prisons nationwide, and are punishable by death and the eternal separation from God upon death.
I spent most of my life at Troy avoiding my responsibilities as a Christian, masquerading as a man of the world whose knowledge of worldly pleasures far outweighed his knowledge of the gospel.
Because of this my effectiveness for Christ was limited only to the few individuals that I felt safe enough to debate the word of God with and share the blessings he has bestowed on me.
As a graduate, I have finally put Troy in my review and as the real world continually beckons I feel a continual sense of regret that at least part of my time at Troy was wasted.
Now faced with the haunting knowledge that I left without showing more of my friends and acquaintances God’s love, I mourn the work unfinished or undone and hope that I can influence my new peers in the best way possible.
For those of you still enjoying your collegiate years, I strongly recommend that you heed my warning and continue or start living lives of love, acceptance and forgiveness, not for yourself but for God’s glory everyday.
The path is hard — I know because I spent a lot of time avoiding it — but each soul that God uses you to affect will build up your rewards in heaven and help spread God’s word throughout the world.

Name Withheld

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