Letter to the editor: how to deal with final exam stress

Mishal Shahid


Exams are coming up, and at this time most students experience exam stress. How can we learn to beat it?

First, to overcome exam stress we need to identify what is the main reason behind high anxiety. Some reasons can include a lack of motivation, unreasonable expectations from others, low planning or preparation and competition with peers.

Mental stress starts to build as the exam dates approach, and here are some ways to get over exam stress.

Listening to classical music for a short while can form a creative and more positive atmosphere by lifting your mood. This type of music encourages you to study more effectively and for longer period of time.

Taking a quick walk can enhance your memory and brain capability. This is an effective exercise that has a positive impact on brain and can help improve exam performance.

Another way to reduce stress is by playing with puppies. Who doesn’t like puppies? They are cute and bring happiness.

Sometimes, talking to a friend can empower your ability and boost confidence.

Last but not least, get your beauty sleep. Sleep helps your brain acquire new knowledge for the long term, and adequate sleep refreshes your brain and helps recall memory when taking test.

Many people underestimate the power of motivation. However, motivation can help regain the desire to accomplish your goals, hence look for something that triggers motivation.

You can also ease stress by bringing your talent outthink about areas like sports, arts, dance, etc. All this incorporates and helps pursue dreams and ambitions.

Once your mind is set on a goal, keep trying until you achieve it. To sum up, this is all possible only when you put hard work and give up your time.

Remember, never let fear of failure stop you from hard work.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up,” Thomas A. Edison once said. “The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

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