Letter to the Editor: Jones, Moore aren’t only options in election; you can write in a vote


Dear Alabama voters:

Seven weeks ago, I launched my campaign with a Facebook page, an email address and a website.

I launched my campaign because I felt that the people of Alabama deserve better than either of the candidates for Senate that the two major parties have presented to us.

I feel that candidate Roy Moore is interested only in promoting Roy Moore’s agenda and that Doug Jones is much more interested in toeing the Democratic platform line than he is representing the people of Alabama.

So far, nine current and former Alabamians have accused Roy Moore of some type of misconduct when they were teenagers, from unwanted advances to sexual assault.

If elected, Moore would be asked to represent all of Alabama, including these accusers that still live in the state, their families and the families of hundreds of women in Alabama that have a similar story.

Theirs are stories that involve men in power who know the women can’t tell their stories because they won’t be believed, women whose family and friends would blame them, the victim, women who would be destroyed by the media, community, friends and family of the powerful, or women for whom community apathy precludes their stories being told.

This is the man the Alabama Republican Party has chosen to represent us on the “red” team. Gov. Kay Ivey has even gone so far as to say that she “has no reason not to believe the women” but is planning to vote for Roy Moore anyway.

This is quite the example Gov. Ivey is setting for women young and old in Alabama, and this view is disgraceful.

Doug Jones is currently missing in action, which is probably the best decision he could make as he has proven, when presented with tough questions, to be a liberal elitist hiding in a moderate Democrat’s clothing.

He stated during a speech at Macedonia Baptist Church in Daphne that when traveling outside the state, “there is a little hesitancy to say, ‘I’m from Alabama.’” He also stated on “Meet the Press” that he is for on-demand abortions up until birth, and then and only then does he become pro-life.

Do you want this man who, if sent to Washington, D.C., isn’t proud to call Alabama home? Do you think this attitude toward our beloved state is in keeping with the attitude of our citizenry?

Do you think on-demand abortions up until birth really mesh with your political, religious, ethical beliefs? Are you going to vote for this man because he is a member of the “blue” team even if he is ashamed to be from the state we would be asking him to represent?

Sexual assault allegations and bribery charges against sitting members of Congress were not a part of the plan by the founding fathers as they penned the Constitution. Our current system of government at the federal level is broken. We are the people that can fix it.

I am a small business owner. My family has been in Alabama for six generations. I grew up in Crenshaw County. I know Alabama, and I love Alabama. We deserve better than the two choices we currently have. On Dec. 12, we can stick with the status quo and choose between two deeply flawed choices, or we can send a message to Washington, D.C., and take pride in our votes. On Dec. 12, I urge you, with pride, to write in Mac Watson.


Mac Watson, Proud Alabamian, write-in Senatorial candidate

1799 Ogletree Rd, Auburn, AL 36830

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