Letter to the editor: The Special Olympics brings communities together, raises awareness

Sung eun Shin


Through May 20-22 2016, the Special Olympics Alabama state games will be held at Troy University.

The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities from worldwide countries, and they hold Olympic games in various countries and regions worldwide.

This May at Troy, approximately 1,400 athletes, coaches and chaperones will come to Troy and compete in about 10 professional sports games.

In my opinion, the Special Olympics means a lot in terms of development for regional society and impact to people, as well as to intellectual disabilities. Therefore, about one month before the games, I want to focus on why and how the Special Olympics are important to Troy University.

Like I mentioned before, the Special Olympics in Troy is a huge state sports game in which over 1,400 of interested people participate, basically.

In other words, many people will come from various states as well as Alabama. Therefore, we can expect that the Special Olympics will contribute to the development of regional society.

On a normal day, it’s hard to see big crowds in restaurants, Wal-Mart and other various facilities. There are tons of cars that pass by on Highway 231.

However, during the game, I expect that the demand for accommodations, food and beverages by the participants and visitors will be increased. This direct spending from many people would be great help for local businesses in Troy.

I expect that this Special Olympics in Troy will raise the public’s awareness about intellectual disabilities. Some of students still tend to think that intellectual disabilities hinder people from doing something well due to their disabilities.

However, they have great abilities, and they are able to achieve something greater than people without disability. Also, there are volunteering opportunities for Troy University students during the game, so I believe that volunteering would positively affect students greater than just watching it.

Once big events or sports games are held somewhere, it is certain that the place will be focused on by media and public. In this respect, Troy University will get a huge spotlight from regional television, radio stations and the local newspapers.

I think it will have a positive influence to Troy University. Meaningful big events, like the Special Olympics, can promote a better image, so it will contribute to a higher reputation.

Undoubtedly, the approaching Special Olympics will have a positive effect on Troy and Troy University in the short term and the long term.

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