Letter to the editor

Gina Girgis


This campus has beautiful people. Let me say, my classmate, Emily Anderson, is beautiful!

Two weeks ago, she was kind enough to pick up the hint that I didn’t have anything to do for Thanksgiving break and say, “Well, I would love to take you with me.”

I had not expected that her invitation would have given me so many wonderful memories.

Her family took me in as one of them. They showed me around in one of the most breathtaking cities this country has.

I was so lucky to spend the actual day of Thanksgiving making pies with them the same way I would back at home with my family before Christmas. They were happy to hear about where I came from, my country and my culture.

She let me spend time with her and her friends from home as they caught up with each other and went out to different fun places.

I am giving thanks to her because I was embraced. She made me experience her version of an American life. She gave me a family, and most importantly, a true friend, herself.

This article is a shoutout for everybody who has a home in the U.S. not to go back alone next Thanksgiving and to thank Emily and her family because she chose not to. I wish everybody reading this  enjoyed the break as much as I did.

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