Letters from the presidential candidates: Carter Ray

Carter Ray

Hey Trojans! 

My name is Carter Ray and I am running for President of the Student Government Association.  After talking with and polling many students, it became apparent to me that one of the biggest issues affecting them was lack of convenient parking spaces. 

 The parking problem on this campus has been an issue for many years now and students do not deserve this.  Students pay too much money to go to school here, and parking should be the least of their worries. Rather than circling around this campus looking for parking, students need to be in the classroom, learning.  I believe a parking deck would be able to effectively solve the parking problem at Troy.  

A parking deck could be constructed using earmarked funds from the Alabama Legislature’s annual Education Trust Fund budget, which would allow the parking deck to be constructed, without increasing tuition costs.  

Other universities in the state have seen good results after building a parking deck, and that would be the sme for Troy University.  

Additionally, dining and security are a major part of my platform.  Holding Sodexo accountable and ensuring workers are doing their job is the best way to solve our dining concerns.  

Security and safety can be improved by working with the Board of Trustees to increase funding for the University police department.  Working with state legislators on proposed legislation can also be effective in securing grants and earmarked funds for improved security.  

I can promise students that I will fight against any proposed tuition increase.  Ensuring our tuition rate does not increase is crucial to making sure our retention rate improves and our enrollment continues to grow.  

Finally, I would like to stay that I will be open to any student, and I will work to solve any issue affecting students.  There are many other concerns not addressed by my platform but that does not mean they are not priorities.  If elected, students will be heard and their voice will be much more impactful than it ever has been before!  I am asking for you vote on March 6 for the position of SGA President.  Have a blessed day! 

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