Letters from the presidential candidates: Taylor Holt

Taylor Holt

Dear Trojans, 

My name is Taylor Holt and I am a junior social science major, legal studies minor, from Huntsville, Alabama. Over the past three years, I have served in the Student Government Association (SGA) in different capacities in the freshman forum, the executive board, and the presidential cabinet.

 Through previous experiences and my love for Troy, I would love to serve as your next SGA President. 

As President, I would like to focus on three main issues. 

Together, we can create a healthier Troy. First, I would like to create a healthier food option for commuters. I would also like to highlight the counseling programs that are available to students on campus. Further, I believe that a healthy relationship between the students, SGA, and administra-tion is vital to the success of the university. I would like to establish a Letter from the President that will be posted outside the SGA Office and on all SGA social media pages. The letter would in-clude information from SGA meetings, information on meetings the President has with the univer-sity administration, and things the SGA is doing on behalf of the students. 

Together, we can create a safer Troy. I would like to work with the office of Student Services to ensure the safety of students. I would advocate for the installation of cameras in the entrances of all buildings, specifically in the library, the Trojan Center, and the Trojan Dining Hall. I would like to also work with the administration and the city of Troy to fix the various potholes on campus, as well as, installing reflectors on all crosswalks. 

Lastly, I would like to explore options with the police department to elevate the security presence on all areas of campus. 

Together, we can create a smarter Troy. This is about making the university more proactive and technologically advanced. If Sodexo’s contract is renewed, I would like to work with them to bring more food options and meal plan options, as well as improving food quality. If the contract is not renewed, I would like to work with administration to implement a good service that focuses on quality and on diverse options.

I would also like to implement a virtual way for students to pay for food and services on campus without their physical Trojan Cards. 

I want you all to trust and believe in my administration. I will bring a drive, passion, and desire to serve YOU to SGA. Together, we can make Troy University the best that it can be. Vote Taylor Holt for SGA President on March 6th from 8AM to 5PM in your Troy email.

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