Local business offering classes making macramé plant hangers

Andrea Hammack 

Staff Writer

Nancy Conklin, owner of the off-campus store A Lilla Bazaar is offering classes for macramé plant hangers and encouraging students to attend.

The classes will cost $20 and will be open to anyone, with or without macramé experience.

Having been open since July of last year, Conklin said she is ready to expand her business by sharing her art with others.

She first learned macramé as a child from her mother and hopes that in showing others how to do it she can bring people together, she explained.

“You bring people together and you learn how to do something that you can carry for the rest of your life or share with somebody else,” Conklin said. 

In the future, she hopes to host other classes, as well, including how to make dreamcatchers, wire-wrapped jewelry and even clothing items.

She is also willing to take suggestions on classes that people would be interested in attending, she said. If she knows how to do it, she’ll teach it.

Morgan Colley, a junior biology major from Wetumpka, said that she has heard Conklin mention her interest in starting classes.

“I absolutely would take a class from her,” Colley said. “Nancy is awesome and that sounds like a super fun class.

“I’d also really like to learn how to make the dream catchers that she makes if she offers that in the future.” 

For the upcoming macramé class, Conklin hopes to keep it simple so that beginners can get involved. 

“Basically, there are two knots that you use most of the time,” Conklin said. “It’s a beginning class, anybody can start.

“There are so many things you can make with just the basics.”

Within the class, you will also learn how to measure your rope out and how to tie the knots. 

In more advanced classes, there will be opportunities to learn how to make wall hangers, as well. 

Joey Willette, senior music education major from Panama City, Florida, said that although he had not heard of the classes, he enjoys how eccentric her shop is. 

“My favorite part, besides the items she sells, is the homey feeling and the warm atmosphere,” Willette said. “I think it would be super fun to hang out at the shop and learn to make something that fits into that aesthetic.”

Conklin hopes to have at least 5-10 attendees at the classes. 

“I can’t imagine having 10 people that wanna learn macramé, you know,” Conklin said. “So I think we can accommodate that many.”

She also understands that money is an issue for some so she is trying to keep the prices low while still bringing money back into the shop.

“I’ll make something, but I’ll get people involved and we’ll have fun, and you’ll learn something,” Conklin said. “You may wanna learn more about it or do other classes.”

Willette appreciates all of the time that she puts into the shop and when setting these classes up.

“I think it’s super sweet that she’s taking time out of her schedule to teach locals to be creative,” Willette said. “Troy could really use some artistic flair.

“I think it takes a kind and eccentric person to step out and try to improve their community with art.”

Conklin hopes to start the first class on Thursday, Feb. 14, from 4-6 p.m. and would like to continue on a weekly basis. 

You can sign up for the class from Feb. 7 until Feb. 10 by visiting her shop (1119 S. Brundidge St.) or by calling her at (334) 429-3031.

“I think it’ll be fun! I wanna teach it, and there’s so much I feel like I have to offer,” Conklin said. “I’m happiest when I’m creating something.”

Conklin also has plans to work with ISCO (International Students Cultural Organization) and host educational classes for them in the future. 

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