Locking in the future McClain weighs in on new facility

Dylan Hurst

Staff Writer

With the expansion of Veterans Memorial Stadium, Troy’s Director of Athletics, Jeremy McClain, seeks to keep pace with an ever-growing university. He seeks to expand, improve and modernize Troy athletics through renovations such as expanded seating and new facilities. 

The additions to the stadium include new enclosed far end zone seating along with a large scoreboard television monitor. Many fans may not notice, however, beneath the 35-by-90 foot video board is a set of brand new facilities dedicated to Troy football. 

“We (Trojans Football) have had a lot of success over the past few years,” said McClain in an interview with the Tropolitan. “The objective now is to maintain that momentum.” 

McClain explained  how small and cramped the old locker and equipment rooms were prior to the addition of the new facilities, saying he is “really pleased with the space (inside of the new locker rooms).” 

These new locker rooms will house the football team’s weight and exercise equipment, nutrition areas, improved lockers, training areas and displays for trophies, historic items and plaques. A few items and pieces of equipment are still being delivered to Troy and being moved around, so the new locker rooms themselves are not quite finished at this time. 

McClain also explained that even though the old locker rooms were crowded for the Trojans, it was much worse for the visiting team, who would often set up in tents outside of the stadium. 

As the Trojans stored weights, training gear and exercise equipment within the old locker room, it became very crowded very rapidly. Now with the old equipment removed, the old locker rooms will have more than enough space for the visiting team. Another positive effect of this upgrade is that Troy can now use these larger visiting locker room areas as an incentive for higher-ranked teams to come play at Veterans Memorial Stadium. 

The new facilities are anticipated to be in operation by Troy’s home opener next Saturday against Boise State.

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