Make your dorm feel like home

Zach Henson

Editor in Chief

Since the newness of the academic year has worn off, many students may be starting to feel a bit homesick, and although not everyone can simply zip home for a quick family visit, there are some ways to help make college feel a bit more like home.
In my going-on-four years of college, I’ve definitely seen the truth in the cliché “home is where the heart is,” but I’ve also learned that bringing a piece of your heart with you to college can definitely make a difference.
Technology today helps us stay connected with our families, but I would challenge you to find depth in those electronic interactions. Instead of only calling your parents when you need quick money or advice, schedule a time when you are both free and focus on having a meaningful conversation rather than a quick hello and goodbye.
In between those interactions, whether you live in a dorm or apartment, bringing tokens from home can help a residence become your home. Just the simple presence of a family photo, a few favorite books or a childhood teddy bear may bring the feeling of home to Troy.
I’ve also learned that honoring traditions can make being away from home a bit easier.
If your family always decorates for Christmas together, a few strands of lights from Walmart can bring your family to you in spirit. If you always watched movies with your friends on Friday nights in high school, grab a few college friends and continue the tradition.
Even replicating silly memories can have a profound effect. For instance, my dad loves old country music; even if it isn’t my favorite genre, hearing some of his well-loved oldies can make it feel like he is there with me.
You may even find that buying the same detergent your mom uses may help your blankets smell like home, or watching your sister’s favorite TV show may help you feel more connected to her.
In short, treat college like home. Even though you won’t be here forever, it is important to treat it like more than a weekend stay.
Although it may not seem like much, treating your dorm like home and your friends like family can make being away from those you love just a little bit easier. If nothing else, your family is just a phone call away.

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