Make your opinion matter

Asem Abdelfattah

Opinion Editor

We live in a time where there is no shortage of opinions. The oversupply of opinions has rendered them virtually worthless. In fact, your opinion is so worthless you might abandon it as soon as you fancy a “better” one.

With that being said, opinions can be nurtured into holding tremendous value. Analysis, empirical evidence, structured logical arguments and first-hand expert experience are some of the ways an opinion gains usefulness and value.

This idea is liberating and encouraging. It is liberating because we do not have to be confined by our opinions and encouraging because we must support our opinion before imparting it on others. 

The Tropolitan  strongly maintains that opinions should be freely shared and openly discussed in a civil and appropriate manner. 

The opinion section will continue to embrace this idea. The articles and letters to the editor we publish will be held to the same standard set over the years at the Tropolitan. 

The change readers can expect to see is the decrease in percentage of political opinions. 

The main focus of the opinion section is sharing constructive opinions from subject matter experts that add value to our readers. The Tropolitan will also continue to be a platform for the Trojan community.

We strongly encourage all Tropolitan readers to send us ideas they would like to publish or reach out to us for any questions they might have on getting published at

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