Making music into a living

Tori Roper
Staff Writer

Ben Strong, a senior music education major from Sylacauga, is involved in many aspects of music on and around Troy’s campus.
Strong was surrounded by music growing up, which sparked his love for music at a young age.
Both of Strong’s grandmothers were musically inclined. One of his grandmothers played the piano, and his other grandmother was a leading member of the Music Club Chapter in Birmingham.
Strong plays the piano and organ, but is also highly involved in choir, as his degree is on the choral track. He also played saxophone in high school.
Strong is the main pianist and organist at Ramer United Methodist.
Strong serves as the logistics manager of the choral department as part of the leadership team.
As logistics manager, Strong has numerous responsibilities.
“My responsibilities include moving and taking care of pianos worth over $120,000, setting up chairs for classes and performances, making the occasional poster, reserving venues and parking for visitors, assisting in re-creating the choral music library,” said Strong. “I’m more of a yes man.”
“Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that I’m actually a student, but I enjoy the work aspect of it,” Strong said. “It’s a concrete activity unlike most school activities and simulations therein.”
Strong has had the opportunity through an early childhood education class to go into classrooms and teach basic music skills to young children.
“We teach them basics like volume, echo and speed,” Strong said.
After receiving his degree, Strong hopes to become a choral instructor.
“The best-case scenario would be becoming a choral instructor in a university setting,” said Strong. “I would like to be over a whole K-12 school setting as well. Even a high school or church would be good.”
Strong’s favorite thing about music is how it is a “stress reliever.”
“I like how close-knit we are,” said Strong of the music department, “We are always together. Everybody knows each other.”

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