May the letters be in your favor

Grishma Rimal
Variety Editor

The Greeks have volunteered themselves as tributes again with the onset of the 48th annual Greek Week at Troy University.

“Greek Week is designed as a week where all the Greeks come together and unify, and whether that’s through sporting events, through community service events or through just fun or entertainment events,” Chris Hager, coordinator of student involvement, said. “It’s just a good time for Greeks to come together and connect and build relationships with each other.”

Members of different fraternities and sororities have been competing and participating in various events throughout the week centering on this year’s theme “The Hunger Games.”

“Our themes are usually geared towards kind of the trends going on within the fraternity and sorority life,” Hager said. “We wanted to change it up. So we decided to go with the Hunger Games because we felt like it would attract maybe more than just the Greeks.”

Incorporating this concept, the different teams are being denoted as “districts” and a Capital Ball, inspired from the book, will be organized in conjunction with GAMMA on Friday.

Blake Crew, a senior social work major from Birmingham and executive director for Greek Week, said that she was looking forward to “a time of unity” between the Panhellenic, Interfraternity and National Pan-Hellenic councils.

“It doesn’t happen very often that we can all be together participating in the same events, and I’m excited to see us grow in friendship as a Greek community,” she said. “I hope that everyone is able to put their letters aside and actually make an effort to get to know members of other organizations.”

She also said she hopes the Greek community will gain a more positive image on and off campus through these programs.

The money raised during this week is to be donated to Relay for Life, Troy Animal Shelter and Pike County Special Olympics.

A blood drive was also organized on Monday, March 23, and Tuesday, March 24, in conjunction with the American Red Cross society.

According to Rebekah Noel, coordinator of the blood drive, a total of 251 donations were received, surpassing the target of 220 donations.

“This is the most ever at a Troy blood drive, and it’s enough to touch 753 patient lives,” Noel said.

“Whenever we have a blood drive that can target a specific group of people, for this instance the Greeks, what it does is that it gives them a specific opportunity and a reason to come out and donate,” she said. “So that’s really been able to help this particular drive grow so much.”

A series of competing events were started on Monday, beginning with the banner competitions where Alpha Delta Pi secured first place.

A kickball game and a trivia contest were organized on Tuesday.  District 4 — Phi Mu, Sigma Chi, Kappa Alpha Psi and Sigma Gamma Rho — won the kickball game, and District 2 — Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Chi and Alpha Phi Alpha — won the trivia contests.

The Greeks also got the opportunity to play a dodgeball match where Sigma Chi and Chi Omega both won.

A movie night was also organized on Wednesday, March 25, at the social quad, in which the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” was screened for all students. Prior to the screening, a grill-off contest was also hosted where students paid to try the different foods cooked.

Darunda Williams, a sophomore business management major from Montgomery, said that although she is a non-Greek, she came to support her friends at the grill-off because it was for a good cause.

“For the students who are non-Greeks, they get to see that it goes beyond our stereotypes of them, that they do care about the community,” she said.

Other activities for the remainder of the week will include a box car derby race, Greek spirit night, Greek games and participation in Saturday’s Trojan Preview Day.

Sara Beth Gilley, a senior elementary education major from Dothan and the Panhellenic Council representative to the Greek Week organizing committee, said that she wanted to be a part of the organizing group to help other Greeks enjoy this event, just as she has in the past.

“I always like the little competition that goes and not only getting to know my sisters better, but also getting to know other members of other organizations as well,” Gilley said.
Winners of Greek Week will be announced on Sunday night, March 29, at the Order of Omega banquet.

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