Mayor Reeves announces Troy Publix; new roads

(VIDEO/Joshua Thurston)


Tori Roper

Staff Writer

Mayor Reeves held a press conference Monday night concerning new developments for the city of Troy.

Reeves discussed road construction and said the plan is to “move forward on extending roads from George Wallace Drive out to the Sportsplex and then connecting Franklin Drive out to Oak Park.”

According to Reeves this is the “largest road construction project that the city of Troy has done in modern history.”

Reeves said that “it will open up an incredible amount of development.”

“Today the very first piece of that development won’t be this project,” said Reeves as he transitioned into an announcement.

“I can announce this morning, after waiting a very long time, or what seemed a long time, I got word at 7:55 this morning…that Publix signed a lease to come to Troy, Alabama,” Reeves said.

The Publix building will be 45,600 square feet and contain 12 other stores adjacent to it.

The organization chose Troy University colors to decorate the building.

The capital investment that corporate will spend in this project will exceed ten million dollars, according to Reeves.

“We have worked a long time,” Reeves said, “It is finally here.”

“This is only the beginning for Troy,” said Reeves of this new development.

“We expect a tremendous amount of growth here in the future. We are glad today to be able to say that this has happened.”

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