Meet your SGA executive candidates: Director of Administration

(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)

Director of Administration

Blakeley Davenport, a sophomore political science major from Spanish Fort, said she wants to initiate a “more welcoming atmosphere” in SGA by being a positive model for the organization.

“I am organized, effectively communicate, time manage and I have a positive facade,” Davenport said. “I bring something extra to this position.”

During her first year of SGA, Davenport served as an at-large senator on the publicity committee.

She worked closely with the “Home Sweet Troy” social media campaign, which allowed students to highlight their favorite locations on Troy’s campus. She would like to use this experience to strengthen SGA and student body relationships.

“I would like to use social media more to bridge the gap between students and SGA to create a direct line of communication,” Davenport said.

“I realized (through this campaign) the love and appreciation I have for Troy, the friendships that are formed here and the welcoming atmosphere that is created,” she said.

Davenport also encouraged students to participate in the election.

“Even if you don’t know anyone who is running, it is still very important to exercise that right we have as students to vote and choose who will be leading SGA,” Davenport said.

Farrah Gaston, a junior biomedical sciences major from Camden, said she wants to be an approachable person to whom students can voice their concerns.

“I want to be a friend, a supporter and a person everyone can talk to no matter what organization they are in,” Gaston said.

Gaston previously served on Freshman Forum and has been elected to the College of Arts and Sciences seat for the second consecutive year. Gaston currently serves as the academic life chair for SGA.

Gaston has been proactive in trying to extend the library hours to 2 a.m. Gaston said that she would like to achieve this if she is elected, even if this goal is not achieved for this academic year.

Other goals of hers include adjustments to parking and faculty decal pricing, as well as extending dining hall hours. Gaston said she wants everyone to consider a candidate’s experience when voting.

“Vote for experience and who you think is best,” Gaston said.  “I have had experience knowing who to talk to, when to talk to them and how to approach situations.”

E’vonte Wright, a freshman criminal justice major from Greensboro, Georgia, said he wants to be the center point for communication and to keep students well informed about “what’s going on with SGA.”

If elected, Wright said he would like to use his position to keep SGA involved with the students on campus and in the Troy community.

“I have a lot of leadership potential and experience,” Wright said. “I plan to increase residence hall involvement in any SGA or Troy University event.”

This is Wright’s first year in SGA, and he serves as the representative for special housing.

In addition to Wright’s role in SGA, he is involved in the Psychology Club, Student Alumni Association and the Conversation Partner Program. Wright said his leadership experiences and teamwork skills from these organizations will aid in this position.

“I think it will be part of my job to get students involved,” Wright said. “As a freshman, I am still new (to SGA and the university), but I have leadership potential to serve as the voice for the students.”

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