Meet your SGA executive candidates: Director of Representation

(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)
(PHOTO/Kevin Glackmeyer)

Director of Representation

Darunda “D” Wilkins is a junior business major from Montgomery who is running on the platform of “The Three D’s: Dream, Drive and Do.”

Wilkins has served on Freshman Forum and two years as the student welfare committee chair.

Wilkins said she believes that some SGA voting processes are unclear.

“I feel like a lot of things about SGA are not really clear, especially when it comes to voting for Homecoming and senate elections,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins said she hopes to help students, especially freshmen, feel more welcome and part of the Troy family by connecting with them and sharing the “Trojan spirit.”

“I want to be more involved with the students,” she said. “I often see students, especially incoming freshmen, who are considering transferring to another school because they don’t feel at home at Troy. I want to give them the opportunity to feel like they are at home.”

Wilkins encouraged all Troy students to vote and to share their concerns.

“Your vote does count, and if you have an opinion on something, please come to the SGA office and express that opinion,” she said.

Nancy “Kingston” Hall, a freshman global business major from Birmingham, said she is really devoted to Troy University.

“I am really devoted to Troy University and I want to show my passion even further through this position,” Hall said.

This is Hall’s first year  involved in SGA, where she serves as a representative for Trojan Village.

If elected, Hall said she aims to include the residence halls more avidly in voting.

“I would like to reach out to the RAs of each building to encourage their residents to participate in the voting process,” Hall said. “I want all Trojans to have a voice in the outcome of the elections.”

Several goals she said she hopes to achieve are attaining the highest voting turnout for all SGA elections, appealing to a more diverse voting population and providing voting polls in more than one location.

“I want to make 2016-17 the highest voting turnout that Troy has ever had,” Hall said.

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