Meet your SGA executive candidates: VPCA

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Vice President of Campus Activities

Sam Moody, a sophomore risk management and insurance major from Montgomery, formerly served as a Freshman Forum vice president and currently serves as an SGA senator at-large.

As VPCA Moody said he plans to enhance the voice of Troy University students by trying to increase partnerships with student organizations, getting student feedback and promoting more on- and off-campus events.

Moody would like to strengthen the partnership between SGA and an activity board such as University Activities Council.

“Each University student pays an activity fee which goes to UAC, so we are trying to use that money to bring events and activities that students want to see,” Moody said. “My main goal is taking information from the students on what they want to see and going to the UAC to strategize and plan the best events for students.”

He also said that he plans on making frequent surveys and polls to get feedback from the students to present to higher administration.

“I will be a voice of reason for the students and I plan on being proactive with the students’ engagement in polls,” Moody said.

Moody said he also aims to work with the elected president and the UAC executive board in conjunction with the Troy mayor and chamber of commerce to provide more activities both on campus and in the city.

“I want to be a genuine voice that the student body can count on to hear them out and to make sure that their opinions are heard,” Moody said.

“A lot of students have changes they want to see, but then they don’t take the initiative to go out and vote, so I truly encourage our students to go out and vote and exercise the rights, regardless of who they vote for.” Moody said.

Caitlin Smith, a junior political science major from Panama City, Florida, is running on the three-part platform of “Community, Communication and Commission.”

Smith said she plans to mix what she has learned from previous VPCAs and “add a little spice to it.”

“I feel like it is extremely important to get involved on your campus during your time here at Troy because we have so much to offer,” Smith said.

“I really want to emphasize the VPCA duties from the (SGA) constitution and listen to the needs and wants of students to make changes happen.”

Smith served as the co-publicity chair her sophomore year and currently serves as the head publicity chair.

Involved in over five campus organizations, Smith said she is grateful for the opportunities she has had to build connections with students across campus.

Troy Hidle, a sophomore global business major from Dothan, described himself as a fun-loving extrovert who wants to get people involved on campus, and he has several specific ideas to achieve his goal.

Hidle said he hopes to keep students in Troy over the weekends and to use his position as vice president of campus activities to promote “people, progress and pride.”

“Ever since I got to Troy, it seems like people want to go home all the time because there’s not that much to do on or off campus,” Hidle said.

“That’s really been something I’ve struggled with and that’s really one of the few problems that I see with Troy University,” Hidle said. “The VPCA is a position where you do have power to help change.”

Hidle also said he hopes to institute a new initiative.

“My rollover initiative will hopefully be coming to fruition that will allow flex points and Trojan Dining swipes to continuously rollover to semesters.”

After Hidle gets people involved in his ideas and makes progress toward his goals, he said that he can then take pride in what he has done.

“I have a lot planned and already in progress, so help me attain the position to put my ideas into effect.”

Hidle previously served in Freshman Forum and currently serves as an at-large senator for SGA.

Avalon Dudinksy, a sophomore marketing major from Panama City, Florida, is the SGA Newman Center representative and also serves as director for Relay for Life. “Diligent, Dependable, Determined” is the platform on which she is running.

“I’m here for the student body, and I welcome all advice that they want to share,” Dudinsky said.

She said she considers her diverse group of friends one strength that will help her organize events for all students.

“I like to have a couple of friends from everywhere that represent all of the student body,” Dudinsky said. “I feel like that makes my perspective different and unique.”

Dudinsky said her goals as VPCA will be to improve communication between the SGA and student body, to put an emphasis on individuals and to attract a diverse group of students to campus events.

“I feel like that’s the best way to do it, (to) take time to talk to people as you go by and (find out) what are they really interested in.”

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