Mobile app replaces Trojan Today emails

Priyanka Sharma
Staff Writer

The mobile application Corq is replacing Trojan Today as the primary source for listing all campus events and activities.
“I think the idea came about because there was a lot of confusion with the message sent from Trojan Today,” said Patrick Rodgers, a junior global business major from Dothan and SGA vice president of campus activities.
“A lot of time, they (the messages) got sent late or might not be sent. So it (Corq) centralizes all the events on campus and plugs students in to what is going on on campus from one central location.”
Sadaris Williams, assistant coordinator of student involvement, started work on setting up the application this past summer.
Corq lists all programs, trusted and sponsored by the campus, that are happening on any particular day. Corq also shows directions and locations to these events. It allows events to be posted directly on social media sites via the app.
According to its website, “Corq helps college and university students discover and locate engaging co-curricular opportunities on and around their campus.”
Corq is associated with CollegiateLink, which powers the website version of the app. Trojan Connection is the name of Troy’s CollegiateLink website.
In addition to listing all campus activities, the app and website include a directory for all campus organizations and residence halls. Each group and residence hall gets its own personalized page to promote itself.
“I think this (Corq) will be better because it is more efficient,” Rodgers said. “I think it is more student accessible. It’s more user friendly and easier for students to find out the information. It will be a whole lot easier than Trojan Today.”
All campus events can still be found on the old Trojan Today calendar on Troy’s official website since the app was officially launched only a week ago.
“However, we are wanting to move more and more into integrating to the app.” Rodgers said. “So, we are really trying to spread the word, but there is still a calendar online that students can look at for events.”
Any SGA-registered organization can have its events listed on the application.
“They will go on Trojan Connection where there is a list of all the organizations,” Rodgers said. “The president of that organization can submit the event. Once they get approved, they will show up on the app.”
The link to the Trojan Connection website is

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