Momentum; A story of creation, emotion, and collaboration on stage 

by Emmaleigh Clegg

Troy’s Department of Theatre and Dance debuted its spring show, “Momentum,” last Thursday. The department has been hard at work throughout the semester creating and rehearsing the show.

“To me, momentum is mass emotion,” said Ireland Clayton, a senior co-assistant Artistic Director, and dance major from Huntsville, Alabama. “It’s everyone coming together to create work and set it on stage as a unit and company.”

Dancers say a lot of hard work goes into creating a show such as “Momentum.” Renowned choreographers from all around the world who have connections to the Troy University Department of Theatre and Dance come in to set work, or perform with the dancers. 

Rehearsals are held almost every night, and the dancers work closely with the choreographers to perfect the performance. 

There are also lots of people that work on other elements that go into creating the show, such as the technology. All the students involved dedicate hours of work towards the show, on top of regular classes.

“There is a lot of work that goes into any show that we put on,” said Julia Huskey, a senior co-assistant artistic director, and dance major from Huntsville, Alabama. 

“This show in particular means a lot to me because I’m a senior, and it is my last show here at Troy.”

The students involved in momentum are convinced that the audience members will love the show just as much as they do. 

“The scenic design is great, and the set is absolutely beautiful,” said Arlana Spencer, the theatre and dance marketing and publicity manager, and senior dance major from Birmingham, Alabama. “We all work with each other, we have student staff members with production roles that all feed into creating this wonderful show. 

“That represents how far our tiny community can go when we work together.”

The show will be performed Feb. 23-26 in the Trojan Center Theater. Tickets can be purchased on the Troy Department of Theatre and Dance website. 

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