Mr & Miss Trojan Pride 2022

by Georgia Clark

Troy University has a new Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride, and for the first time, the honor was announced during homecoming festivities. 

Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride is a title bestowed upon two students who have pride in their campus and will honorably represent the university and its values. Candidates first undergo an interview process and from there, the student body selects the final winners.

This year’s Mr. and MissTrojan Pride are Marcelles Martin and Gabrielle Moore. Martin is a junior International Politics major from Atlanta, Georgia, and Moore is a psychology major from Dothan, Alabama. 

Martin has been involved as an IMPACT leader, a Trojan Ambassador, a member of the Student Government Association for the last three years, and a member of ISCO. This has helped him get to know his fellow Trojans. Moore is also a Trojan Ambassador and the Vice-President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and a member of Habitat for Humanity, the Psychology Club and Trojan Outreach.

They both plan on representing Troy University by being active in the community. 

“I think school spirit is rooted in our community,” Martin said. “Troy university offers a unique opportunity in my personal opinion. We’re not in the largest city but I think that puts more emphasis on spending more time with and around each other, giving us the chance to become closer. 

That’s what I want to foster in our community as Mr. Trojan Pride.”

Moore said she plans on feeding into the university and community on a deeper level. 

“I will most definitely be going to the surrounding schools, feeding into the next generation and also doing everything I can to be present, “ Moore said. 

One of the most important things about being Mr. and Miss Trojan Pride is having school spirit. After all, Pride is in the title. 

“Having pride in my school is so important because these are the four years of our lives that truly shape us as people,” Moore said.

“It’s important to have pride in our school because this is the place where lifelong memories, opportunities and the forging of our best selves takes place,” Martin said. 

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