My friend Stanley; Why I love this cup 

by Raeleigh Woodfin

Today I am going to be so honest with you all. I did something that I told. myself I would never do. On the outside looking in, it is not that big of a deal. But to me, it makes the biggest difference.

It sounds very silly and honestly is quite silly, but here is my truth. I bought a Stanley cup. 

I know, silly. But let me tell you all how this cup has changed my life.

The Stanley cup comes in various sizes and colors to fit the need of any and everybody. I purchased the 40 oz cup in the color driftwood. It has a large handle and a bottom that can easily fit in the cupholder in most vehicles. This cup seems like a normal, basic cup. It is that, but it is also so much more. You see, I have a problem. When I leave my apartment, I am faced with a question. The angel and devil on my shoulders fight to answer the same question: should I go get a drink? Whether it be a huge sweet tea from Cookout of a Route 44 Vanilla Coke from Sonic, there is nothing I love more than a nice cold beverage.

While these drinks are yummy and there is nothing wrong with rolling through the drive-thru for a drink, after a while it can be devastating for my wallet. Not only that, but a sugary drink is not very good for your health either.

The Stanley cup has helped me so much with not only my drink purchasing, but also my water intake. I truly do not believe I have ever drank as much water as I have this semester, and it is only week eight!

While the Stanley cup has seemed to blow up overnight on platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, it is for good reason. That is typically how many products that go viral work. They are overhyped, but because they work!

If you do not have a good, reliable water bottle or cup, consider a Stanley. While the cheapest they range is about $40, they are so worth the splurge.

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