New Alumni Association board members to continue scholarships

by Caleb Thomas

Rosemary Elebash, a 1976 Troy State University graduate, decided to follow the path paved by her father and go to the same school he did. Now, as president of the Troy University Alumni Association, Elebash wants to help others continue the generational trend of attending the school.

“I want to encourage current Troy students to remember that it’s not just about the time you have at Troy,” Elebash said. “It’s also about the time you leave Troy and contribute so other students can follow in your footsteps and have an educational opportunity.”

In January, Elebash was named president, with Jack Weaver being named vice president and Steve Sanders becoming the treasurer. Since being founded in 1890, the alumni association has been committed to helping the University, specifically in the form of providing scholarships. 

“The cost of college has gotten so high,” Elebash said. “Part of our mission has been to not only provide scholarships, but to encourage others to contribute to new scholarships.”

The alumni association, comprised of local chapters, provides some overarching scholarships with more specific ones provided through chapters.

“I saw firsthand how the association gives to incoming students, from the county to the national level,” said Jason Jones, a member of the association and former board member for the Pike County chapter. “It helps ease the financial burden they experience.”

Elebash cites the importance of giving back to incoming and current students, especially given the role that they can play in the future.

“Workforce needs are one thing that I’ve experienced in my job,” said Elebash, who is the state director for the National Federation of Independent Business. “We need new people coming along all the time to fill slots in businesses.”

The alumni association has also provided financial help to the University itself, donating towards the quad revitalization project in 2002, which shaped how the campus looks today. In addition,  the association is looking at the possibility of building a new alumni center.

“We’re exploring the opportunity now as far as the cost,” said Elebash.“It would be a central place for graduates to come back to, but also offer rooms that could be used for events or meetings.”

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