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Lilly Casolaro

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According to Troy’s Educational Technology team “staying connected and receiving timely information

from Troy is important for student success.” Blackboard Connect allows students to receive course

updates, important instructor information and Troy updates via text message, voice or email.

Once logged in to Blackboard, Troy’s software for online course management system, students are

able to locate the resources labs which provides helpful tips for new students, tutorials on how to use

software and programs and information regarding Blackboard Connect, including how to sign up for

alerts using multiple phone numbers and email accounts to ensure a timely and informative alert.

Even if a student is taking a course on campus not available in Blackboard, helpful information can still

be found regarding available technology and resources for Troy students said Kimberley Shaver, director

of educational technology.

“Blackboard Connect is the only text/email system that will allow students to receive messages

regarding important course information with no additional work on the instructor’s part” Shaver said.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a supplementary tool that provides student access to Blackboard Connect

straight from a mobile phone. Different from Troy’s S.O.S rapid emergency warning system, Blackboard

Connect will provide information from university offices or instructors keeping students up to date.

Kasey Freeman, a junior communication major from Nashville,Tennessee, is a frequent user of

Blackboard and the Blackboard app and relies on the software for notifications.

“S.O.S. comes straight to a text message. Blackboard (not Connect) comes in as a notification. I prefer

notifications because I get enough text messages as it is,” said Freeman. Though Blackboard Connect

provides student preference as to how the messages are received, Freeman would rather stick with the

Blackboard notifications over the text messages that Blackboard Connect advertises.

Blackboard Connect does not automatically send notifications when new material is posted on

Blackboard; therefore, students must choose this feature as they would choose to ‘turn on or off’

Facebook notifications.

In addition to Blackboard Connect, the “Student Resources” tab within Blackboard provides educational

tips, technology assistance and a software compatibility guide to name a few.

“All students also have access to the ‘Trojan Café’ under the ‘My Courses’ section within Blackboard.

This is an area recently developed to offer opportunities for student engagement, career information,

student stories, and so much more,” Shaver said.

Trojan Café is an online gathering place which allows students to connect and communicate whether an

eTroy student or a student at any of Troy’s locations. All students are automatically enrolled in Trojan

Café with their Blackboard account. The purpose of this resource is to build community, inspire success

and grow the Trojan Warrior Spirit, according to the educational technology student publication.

For step by step instructions on how to register for Blackboard Connect, please login to your Blackboard

account. Locate the student resources tab and click on ‘connect with Troy.’ There you will find the

Blackboard Connect icon. Complete the registration instructions and you will be set to receive updates

and messages.

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