New business coming to the downtown square

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

A new coffee shop and an Italian restaurant are coming to downtown Troy, inviting new jobs and creating new places for students to enjoy some off-campus culture.

Ground Floor Coffee will have its grand opening on March 23.

“We’re going to have events planned to start from March 20,” said Nathaniel Cox, the co-owner of Ground Floor Coffee.

“We wanted to have a place where people could sit down, hook up to the Wi-Fi and study,” said Angela Farmer, the co-owner of Ground Floor Coffee. “We’re on the square because it’s kind of central to town, but we’re really geared towards students that want to do their work or just a place to hang out.”

Farmer said festivities will begin with a ribbon cutting that Thursday, live music on Friday and an unknown “surprise” from her sister as a gift to the co-owners.

“It’s important to continually add places to the community for students and the people of Troy to enjoy on a regular basis,” said Gabrielle Floate, a freshman nursing major from Huntsville.

The two co-owners called the whole situation all “very happenstance.”

“We had a small coffee shop in Smoke and Ash and almost immediately outgrew it,” said Farmer, also the owner of Smoke and Ash. “It was one of those things where all of the pieces were in place and we ended up over here.”

The restaurant will have study rooms that can be used on a “first come, first serve” basis, but will have forms available for larger groups to fill out before reserving rooms.

“I’m always looking for a place to study other than the library,” said Camrynn Jones, a freshman marketing major from Marion Junction. “I’m a big fan of coffee, so if they have great coffee why not?”

“I think it’s a great thing,” said Laura Williams, a sophomore nursing major from Marion. “I would like to have a place that’s quiet and where I’m able to focus.”

Farmer is personally training the staff of Ground Floor Coffee and directs readers to the shop’s Facebook page for job applications and more information about the restaurant and its menu.

Another new business, an Italian restaurant named Francesca’s, could not be contacted due to the owners being away on vacation. More information will be provided when available.

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