New fitness classes: Try it before you buy it

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Sarah Mountain

Arts and Living editor

The Trojan Fitness Center is offering free pop-up classes through the month of January to all full-time students taking classes on the Troy campus. Classes include yoga, Zumba, dance fitness, cycling, step aerobics, kickboxing and many more. 

Official memberships to take these classes will begin in February, so the fitness center staff recommends trying the classes and to find out which ones are the most beneficial to specific student needs.

The Tropolitan knows students are busy, so if you haven’t been able to squeeze in a class, we’ve got reviews of the most popular ones to help you make your fitness decisions. 


This high-intensity class is great for lovers of dance and cardio workouts. Each class lasts about 45 minutes, and the teacher will have you going full out the entire time. 

Class begins with a warm-up dance that includes stretching and allows students to get used to following the steps of the instructor and getting in sync with the beat. 

Although it is a beginner level class, some students felt that some steps were too advanced for them. The instructor, however, offered alternate, easier steps for those who were struggling. 

Additionally, the steps are repetitive, which makes it possible for even the most beginner students to catch on.

Music choices are very lively and keep the energy up in the room. The attitude of the instructor was professional yet fun, and she was very encouraging of all students. This class is worth the investment.

Full body blast

This group class is a great experience for newcomers to the gym who need a little more guidance in how to form a good workout and learn how safely to use different materials.

This body blast is a 50-minute long full-body workout using high repetitions with low weights to perfect student form. It uses lightweight barbells, dumbbells and plates.

The instructor plays some upbeat music to keep the atmosphere light and the attitudes up. Exercising in a group, all working at the same pace and difficulty, takes some of the pressure off people who are at a less advanced level.

We would recommend this class for newcomers to the fitness center.

Dance fitness

This class is similar to Zumba because it involves dance but differs in many ways. Zumba involves more Latin and international music where dance fitness uses more popular American music and hip-hop styles.

It currently operates at a beginner/intermediate level, even including some dance moves from the popular “TikTok” app. 

This class will put you to work, so don’t go in with low expectations. You will get a full-body workout over the course of this 40-minute class that intertwines stretching, cardio and muscle toning. 

In the future, the class will expand to more complex dances and different styles such as ballet, contemporary and jazz dances. 

Step aerobics

This class is another great one for people still getting a hang of the gym and coming up with a good workout plan for themselves. Class begins by learning some of the very basics and how to step on and off the platform in different ways. 

The class provides a nice mix of cardio and muscle toning as weights are added to the stepping routine as the class progressed. The class attended for this review began and ended with some simple stretching, which added to a feeling of comfort and preparedness for the students.

The only deterrents were that some students felt uncoordinated when the weights and arms were added. The music wasn’t as modern as some students liked, but it made stepping in rhythm and staying together a lot easier. 

The instructor was very professional and encouraging throughout the class. 


This class is offered at a variety of times throughout the day, but the morning session is a favorite. However, whether you take it in the morning or afternoon this class is a great way to wake up or cool down.

The environment was very relaxing, and the instructor gives off the feeling that she is very knowledgeable about yoga, and her low-intensity attitude gave off a comfortable vibe. 

Over the 45-minute period, students participate in simple poses and some more intense poses, but everything is doable for a beginner. For those looking for a less-intense session, the instructor provides easier poses to keep everyone involved. 

It should not be written off as an easy class — you will definitely stretch and work every muscle in your body, but the euphoria around how relaxed you feel afterward is amazing. 

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