New IAC exhibit “reflects the reality of life” during quarantine

( Photo / Sarah Mountain)

“Quarantine Walks” gallery is up in the International Arts Center and is open for view until April 15.

PJ Heath 

Staff Writer

New at Troy University’s International Arts Center, “Quarantine Walks” is the latest exhibit created by artist and photographer, Micah Mermiliod. 

His work depicts his perspective on the results of COVID on the community of Mobile, Alabama, in both negative and positive aspects. The photos Mermiliod shared reflects the reality of life and different parts of modern society. 

The title, “Quarantine Walks,” stems from the therapeutic walks he took regularly in his neighborhood. Mermiliod said he feels walks are, “more than just a form of exercise, but also a time of reflection.” He uses these walks to escape reality and also help fill many of the voids which come with living in isolation for long periods of time. 

Now, due to COVID curfews and regulations, Mermiliod has been able to display through pictures the changes in his community,  which also connect to the state of the world in general. 

He said he is most interested in adaptive changes that humans make, especially in an environment that is rapidly changing due to catalysts such as technology, socio-economic status and environmental change and now the global COVID pandemic. 

Mermiliod received his BFA in photography from the University of South Alabama in 2015 and is currently working toward his MFA in photography and printmaking. 

Carrie Jaxon, a curator at the IAC, appreciates the way Mermiliod’s work is “so raw and truly authentic, and his perspective on life and namely COVID is very relatable to all audiences due to it being a global pandemic.” 

“It is also notable to recognize that his work alludes to the environment and economy at the time being,” Jaxon said. “And he manages to incorporate the use of quaint polaroid pictures to create his compositions and really extenuate minor details in life that would otherwise go unnoticed to the common person.” 

Most of his images depict discarded latex gloves and masks, comical marketing schemes in restaurant windows and beautiful, forgotten spaces discovered during the quarantine walks he takes. 

Mermiliod’s “Quarantine Walks” exhibit is currently open through April 15 at the International Arts Center in the Foyer Gallery. 

For more information about the artist or exhibit viewing times, visit the International Arts Center Facebook page or Instagram page @iac_troyuniversity. 

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