New Member Activities suspended for all fraternities

All new member activities for fraternities have been placed on hold due to “hazing and risk management issues,” according to Dean of Students Herb Reeves.
This hold comes during the investigation of Delta Kappa Epsilon and shortly after the suspension of Sigma Chi.
Each organization is scheduled to meet with administration for policy reviews. Based on these meetings, administration will approve or deny “the continuation of the new member process.”
The mandatory meetings will review new-member policies and reiterate anti-hazing policy and safety.
New-member activities include “social functions and processes related to the intake of new members,” a university statement said.
The meetings are scheduled for Oct. 2 and Oct. 3.
“The Greek system is an important part of our university, and fraternities make many positive contributions to the community through their philanthropy and service,” Reeves said. “However, we expect our Greek organizations to meet a high standard of behavior and leadership. We feel that this is an important moment to thoroughly review the new-member processes of fraternities and to remind these organizations of their responsibilities to themselves and others.”
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