New photography professor joins Troy University art department



Adam Forrester, a new faculty member in  the Art Department , is still trying to get used to his new office in room 106 of Malone Hall.

This is Mr. Forrester’s first semester at Troy University and also his first time working a full-time teaching position. His previous experience includes teaching Art History at Columbus State as well as Introduction to Photography and Video at a graduate school.

When asked about his decision to come to Troy University, Mr. Forrester said he had felt very welcome and comfortable here when he first came to visit the school last summer.

“The main reason I thought Troy would be a great working environment is the people,” he said.

“My coworkers and colleagues are extremely accommodating to new ideas, which makes the job in an art department very appealing. I love the opportunity to come to the position in a blank state to try out completely new things.”

When asked about one of Troy’s features that he likes better than that of anywhere else he has [a]taught, Mr. Forrester said there was a surprising support for the art.

“Considerable resources, especially space and settings, and a lot of people willing to help are important to collaborative work. What may cost four to five thousand dollars to make in New York can be made here for almost nothing,” he said.

“I love the Art Department and Malone Hall” he said. “It’s a little Bohemian down here, and I love it. There is something nice about a building where you could have paint on the wall and it would be okay.”

“Malone is ready for some upgrading, though. We are trying to embrace the new digital technology, but the condition to maintain those equipment can be improved.”

Mr. Forrester revealed that he was used to “traveling around and sleeping on people’s couches.” He was born in Phenix City, Ala., but he has lived in California and Maine. He has also spent some time in Mexico for school.

“That’s why I’m impressed by the global scale of Troy campuses,” he said. “I would love to maybe teach in Vietnam someday.”

Mr. Forrester is exploring the town.

“I like the square, the Johnson Center for the Arts. I came to Byrd’s drug store and ordered a BLT four times my first week here. It’s like a way to get to know the town.”

Mr. Forrester is teaching  Photo Studio, Conceptual Drawing and Digital Video.“The students are full of energy and interested in doing… in creating something new,” he said. “We have a video class, which is new to the program. I want them to make not what I like, but what they like, what’s important and moving to them.”

One challenge Mr. Forrester recognized was that the work produced by art students was contained in a little bubble.

“It has yet to venture out to the entire campus to attract a good number of students,” he said.

“In order to make the class more appealing to non-art majors, there is no prerequisite for registration. The students will dictate what we do in class— the pace we move— so one does not need an art background to attend this class.”

In the future Mr.Forrester also has a vision to encourage his students to do some big projects such as a film festival

“It may be student-curated at first then hopefully student-produced.”

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