New ‘Prodigal Son’ art exhibit coming soon

Abby Taylor

Online Content Editor

Madison Faile, a Troy alumnus from Montgomery, will be presenting his “Prodigal Son” art exhibition in the Huo Bao Zhu gallery at the International Arts Center.

Greg Skaggs, an associate professor of art and design and director of the Huo Bao Zhu gallery, invited Faile to present his work in the gallery.

“We invite artists to show in the gallery, and artists bring their artwork to exhibit as an example for our students,” Skaggs said.

He said the gallery is used to teach students about different techniques.

Faile said Skaggs chose the theme “Prodigal Son” for his exhibition as a metaphor for Faile’s return home to Troy. The exhibit is the largest he’s ever done.

It will consist of his work from the last three years.

Faile graduated in 2013 with an art degree and has had a career as a working artist since graduation.

“I think it’s good to come to see it, to see what a student coming out of the Troy art department can do,” Faile said.

Faile said the exhibition will include dark imagery such as birds, clowns and skulls. There will be sculptures as well as monochromatic and black and white paintings.

“It’s not exactly ‘Winnie the Pooh’ on ice,” Faile said.

He said he will be lecturing on what he wished someone would have told him when he was a student.

“It’s kind of telling them what it’s like to be a working artist, how to promote yourself in a phone-based world …” Faile said.

Kara Justice, a senior fine arts major from Alabaster, said she plans on attending the gallery and Faile’s lecture.

“The lecture interests me because I want to know how to make it as a future artist,” Justice said.

The exhibition will open from Feb. 19  until April 20. There will be a lecture led by Faile on March 1 at 5 p.m., followed by a reception.

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