New SGA officers

Cassie Gibbs
News Editor

The Student Government Association executive board is composed of five positions: president, vice president of campus activities, vice president of legislative affairs, clerk, and secretary.
Heath Barton won the presidency. Here are the other winners of the 2015 executive elections:
Patrick Rodgers—VPCA
Rodgers, a sophomore global business major from Dothan, ran unopposed as vice president of campus affairs. His platforms were Unity, Activeness and Fairness.
Rodgers said that  he hopes the SGA will help students develop more Trojan Pride.
He said that if “we can get the students pumped up, to become involved and offer come cool things that the students will be happy about, then we can see both (apathetic students and more opportunities) of those numbers go up.”
Rodgers said that he is happy to serve in the SGA this next school year.
“I am thrilled to continue serving Troy and for everything in the future.”
Jorge Solis — VPLA
Solis, a junior political science major from Pell City, won a second term as vice president of legislative affairs.
Solis continued his platform from last year’s elections, which is maintaining relationships with the administration and to promote a more open student forum.
He said that in the next year, SGA will be tackling big projects for the students. “I definitely want to see more progress on the rec gym, especially toward planning,” Solis said. “Parking is another thing that we’re dealing with. Actually, Sorority Hill has already experienced a lot of improvement (with parking) over the past few weeks.”
On his re-election, Solis said that he is looking forward to the next year in SGA.
“I’m super excited to serve SGA in the same capacity as last year.”
Shelby Scott — Secretary
Scott, a sophomore psychology major from Tallahassee, Florida, ran for the position of secretary.
Scott said that she had three main goals for her position: to build community between the university and the city of Troy, to build relationships between students, and to build pride in the school.
Scott said that she is ready to begin her duties as secretary this next school year.
“I’m really looking forward to serving Troy in a bigger and better way than I have before.”
Olivia Melton — Clerk
Melton, a sophomore mathematics and economics major from Orange Beach, ran for the position of clerk.
Melton’s platforms were Diversity, Communication and Trojan Pride.
She said that one way to create diversity in SGA is by bringing in more people from different groups to run for positions in elections.
“I would just really encourage different people representing different organizations to run,” Melton said.
She said that she is happy to serve SGA next year.
“I am honored to be able to serve the student body at Troy as SGA clerk.”

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