New Troy plates released

Abby Taylor

Staff Writer

Troy University license plates have been recently redesigned and have new features, according to Walter Givhan, the senior vice chancellor for advancement and economic development.

“A tag redesign occurs every five years,” Givhan said. “The state requires that. It’s a great opportunity to refresh the look of the tag, and it gets people interested again.”

One of the changes includes the option to include more letters on the tag.

“One of the great features that you have this year is we used to have only five letters, but now we have six letters on the tag, so that gives you more options as you’re looking to personalize the tag,” Givhan said.

Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen said that he expects people to like the redesigned tags and the extra letter.

“I think the public has really enjoyed the new design, and it has more spaces to personalize it, so they’ve enjoyed that as well,” Allen said.

Givhan, the marketing team and other administrators helped to design the new look.

“Our marketing department is key to actually designing the tag,” Givhan said. “We do that in consultation with the chancellor (Jack Hawkins) and others about what we think the tag should look like.”

The new tag differs from the old on in that the Trojan warrior, who is named Hector, is shadowed behind the letters with a red “T” on the left side of the plate.

“The sword-like ‘T’ has really become much more of our logo,” Givhan said. “It’s great to have that power ‘T’ that’s on there.”

Givhan said the colors on the redesigned tag are different from the colors on the previous Troy tag.

“We modified the color palette a little bit, and I’m very pleased with it,” Givhan said. “It’s exciting when I see one of the new ones out and about.”

Haleigh Mitchell, a sophomore human services major from Trussville, said she will still be getting the new tag even though the new design is not her favorite.

“I’m not a huge fan of the new design for the car tags,” Mitchell said. “However, I’ll still be getting the new Troy car tag because I love representing Troy when I’m driving down the road.”

Mitchell said she also liked the colors from the old tag more than the new one.

“I think the new car tag is a little plain-looking compared to the old tag because the old tag had all the red whereas the new car tag just has the white,” Mitchell said.

Allen said that he thinks the public likes the new features.

“I think the tags look really sharp, and the public is really pleased with the new design,” Allen said.

Money from the tag sales is put towards the Trojan Pride Scholarship Fund that gives to study abroad scholarships and legacy scholarships for students.

“The real benefit that’s so important is that of the $50 that you have to pay to get that (tag), over $48 of that is contributed to our Trojan Pride Scholarship Fund,” Givhan said.

Allen said that he expects students to continue purchasing the tags.

“If the university keeps their policy the same as far as parking decals that they’ve done the last several years, I don’t think we’re going to see any drop in student participation of the Troy University automobile tags,” Allen said.

Students can purchase or renew Troy car tags through their local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

“Faculty, staff and students with a Troy license plate only have to register their vehicles with University Police to receive a parking permit free of charge for each academic year,” according to Troy’s website. “Just make sure to keep your tag up to date.”

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