New tuition cap assists servicemen

Franchesca Perez

Staff Writer

Troy University has begun the initiative to make its degrees more affordable for all active-duty military, National Guard and reserve members, as well as their spouses and dependants.

The Troy Military and Family Foundation Scholarship, effective Jan. 1, covers all tuition costs above $250 per credit hour in undergraduate and graduate programs.

This, combined with the federal Military Tuition Assistance program, which already pays the capped tuition rate of $250, means that eligible recipients will no longer have to pay any out-of-pocket costs associated with Troy tuition.

Spouses and dependents can receive up to 25 percent savings for undergraduate programs and up to 50 percent for graduate programs.

The scholarship is applicable to all Troy campuses, including eTROY programs.

“At Troy University, the education we provide military personnel and their families is quality-driven, and it’s affordable,” Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. said in a YouTube video uploaded by the university.

“We owe our warriors no less,” he said.

In November, Troy was also recognized as one of the top “Best for Vets” four-year institutions in the country by the Military Times for the sixth year in a row.

Dave Barron, associate vice chancellor for military affairs, talked about the importance of ensuring that active duty military members, as well as their spouses and dependants, have the opportunity to earn their desired degrees without added financial stress.

“This scholarship came out of a need for spouses and dependants of active duty personnel to have some financial relief while studying here at Troy,” Barron said.

“The idea is to raise money to have scholarships that last longer than just a few seasons.”

Phillip Johnson, a senior social science education major from Florala, is a current recipient of the Troy Military and Family Foundation Scholarship.

“The scholarship has lessened the stress of the financial burden of attending college,” Johnson said.

“I am proud of Troy University for stepping up and taking part in lessening the burden for not only myself, but for others as well.”

To receive the scholarship, students must put in an application, fill out the FAFSA form, write an essay and provide proper eligibility documentation.

For more information on the Troy Military and Family Foundation Scholarship or the Military Tuition Assistance Scholarship, please contact Dave Barron at (334) 670-3657.

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