New York Times online access now free to Troy students

Tori Bedsole

News Editor

Troy students will now have free digital access to The New York Times.

The last time students had access to the Times was in 2015, when the university had a grant that paid for printed copies to be distributed across campus.

According to Dean of Libraries Chris Shaffer, he and Dean of First-Year Studies Hal Fulmer had been working on getting The Times back on campus for two years, but the prices were too high.

“This year, The New York Times came down on its price, which made it possible for us to add them,” Shaffer said.

The university will spend around $7,000 per year for digital access, according to Shaffer.

According to Fulmer, The New York Times was available in print previously due to the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan to “Create a Culture of Engaged Reading,” which ended in 2015.

“The New York Times, in those days, was print-based, but since then The Times has shifted — like a lot of papers — to more of a digital focus,” Fulmer said. “That really helps us. It’s good to be able to provide the Troy University faculty, students and staff access to The New York Times again.”

Shaffer said having The Times available will encourage students to keep up with national and international news.

“They have reporters spread out around the globe that bring unique stories to their readership,” he said. “Troy students having access to The New York Times will help them become more knowledgeable of the world around them, which in turn will make them more prepared to work in an ever-increasing global environment.”

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