Night walk finds no major safety threats

Hayden Freese


The Student Welfare Committee of Troy’s Student Government Association (SGA) and Freshman Forum (FF) found no major problems that would cause an immediate threat to student safety during SGA’s annual night walk, according to Emma Turner, chair of SGA’s student welfare.

The night walk was held on Wednesday, Oct. 4, led by SGA and FF members who divided into small groups and evaluated potential safety concerns in sections of campus, according to Turner, a junior exercise science major from Huntsville.

During the walk, group members send in live updates of possible safety concerns. According to Turner, these concerns might be broken light fixtures, poorly lit crosswalks or a need for more cameras or brighter LED lights in certain areas to eliminate any possible unsafe areas on campus.

Turner said she was optimistic about last week’s night walk.

“It was really productive this year,” Turner said.  “I think we found a lot of things and heard a lot of concerns from students.

“That’s one thing really important to us, to hear those concerns and take those directly to the administration.”

After the night walk, a list of concerns was created and brought to Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves for review.  Reeves will send those concerns to the Physical Plant staff, who will address them promptly. There will be a follow-up with Dean Reeves in the coming week.

According to Turner, most concerns reported are handled immediately and marked as finished in a week or two.

Students who notice safety concerns are always encouraged to contact the Student Welfare Committee for changes to be made. To alert the committee of a concern, students can either text Emma Turner at (256) 683-8895 or speak with any member directly.

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