Nintendo Switch

Jonathan Garrett


Nintendo’s Switch is the perfect console for couch co-op and party games. No other console these days has quite the support for offline multiplayer like the Switch. The console is quite versatile, being both a traditional docked console connected to a T.V. with external controllers while also being able to take it on the go like a handheld. 

The “joycons” that attach to the side are some of the most creative controllers implemented into a piece of modern hardware, though not without their own drawbacks. Making such a universal controller that can be used in most situations such as handheld, undocked, split between two players, etc. means that they aren’t the ideal method of control for most games, have less than ideal ergonomics and can become uncomfortable after a lengthy session with your friends. They do their job quite well though, and there wouldn’t be many ways to keep the portability and utility without sacrificing a few things.

A Switch isn’t really a replacement for other modern consoles, but more of a secondary piece of hardware. Compared to the current generation of consoles or a PC, the Switch is quite underpowered, but you don’t buy it for its power. 

Nintendo has the richest and most expansive catalog of exclusive games that are just too good to pass up for long time fans or people being introduced to games for the first time. There aren’t many people in college right now that haven’t played a single Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon game, and the franchises have only gotten better with age.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for those that enjoy versatility, those on the go, or those that have younger siblings to entertain. It’s incredibly easy to just toss it in your bag when you need to go out and there’s a game for just about anyone. 

Whether you enjoy long 80+ hour story games, fighting games, platformers, rpgs, or most anything else you can think of, this console has a wealth of consistently fantastic options for you to choose from. 

Jonathan Garrett is a sophomore interdisciplanry major from Eclectic.

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