Nintendo to release new Super Mario video game soon


Kelvin Hawkins

Staff Writer

The critically acclaimed Super Mario video game franchise will be receiving a new addition this month, “Super Mario Odyssey,” which will be released only on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27.

The production of “Super Mario Odyssey” was first hinted at in 2014 and later confirmed during a presentation of the current major Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch, in Jan. of 2017. It was there that the initial footage of gameplay was presented to the public.

The game is a 3D, open-world, platforming game featuring one Nintendo’s most beloved characters, Mario. Like titles before it, the game will consist of Mario jumping around large structures and facing off against small enemies.

As for the world the players will be able to explore, much like in other Mario games, “Super Mario Odyssey” will allow Mario to move about an area with a great deal of freedom. The game features multiple “kingdoms” that will vary in content and will change gameplay.

Fans of the series know that the game will feature recurring characters like Princess Peach and Bowser, but there is also a new character named Cappy, who will bring a new set of skills and will make the game stand out from all the others.

Cappy is a spirit that lives in Mario’s famous red cap and grants Mario a variety of abilities. These new abilities consist of Mario’s capabilities to jump on his hat to boost and throw it to attack, as well as his being able to control enemies for whatever task he needs them to perform.

To any fans of “Super Mario 64” or “Super Mario Sunshine,” this addition to the series has some of the same elements that made those entertaining, such as how all three games allow the characters to move about freely and not just follow through a set of tasks.

Usually games that attempt to make major changes to a title in a long running franchise take a bet on whether the game will perform well or fail terribly. However, if recent reactions to another major Nintendo title that released this year, “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” are any indication of how the game will be received, then Nintendo has taken a good bet.

After Nintendo showed gameplay of both a boss fight and basic gameplay during the video game convention, E3, in 2017, “Super Mario Odyssey” looked well worth the purchase or even the pre-order. The most appealing part of the presentation was hearing the delightful theme song for the game, “Jump Up, Super Star.”

To anyone who does not have a Switch, there has been an increase in their availability for purchase at GameStop and Wal-Mart. There is also a “Super Mario Odyssey” themed Switch that comes with a copy of the game for anyone wants to take care of two purchases at once.

“Super Mario Odyssey” looks engaging, lighthearted, and capable of holding someone’s attention, so it seems to be worth the $60 purchase on release. It will be available for purchase at GameStop, Wal-Mart, and other participating retailers.



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