No new active cases of TB identified

Lilly Casolaro

News Editor

No additional active tuberculosis (TB) cases have been identified on Troy’s campus, according to Susan Wiggins, Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) TB program manager for the Southeastern District.

Wiggins said there has been only one positive test result for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI), which is not contagious. There were 250 students emailed and a total of 132 tested.

“Anyone with only a positive blood test or TB skin test has latent TB infection (LTBI), not active TB disease,” said Pam Barrett, ADPH director of the Division of TB Control. “If we had individuals with positive blood tests, they were further screened to rule out active TB and offered a preventive medication to stop the disease before it starts.”

After an active case of TB was identified on Troy’s campus, the ADPH conducted tests on Tuesday, Oct. 24, and Tuesday, Oct. 31, of students, faculty and staff who were identified as being in close proximity to the infected student.

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